Brent Washburn Underwater Photography

Dive in with me

The View From Below

Two-thirds of our blue planet is water, containing vibrancy and wealth not found anywhere else on earth. I've brought these images to the surface for everyone to enjoy.

The ocean has always been my refuge

To simply witness it was enough

But to capture it was magic

Growing up a few blocks from the beach on Florida's Spacecoast was all it took to get hooked on the luster of the ocean. There was little to do besides the beach or the Indian River Lagoon. Surfing and diving soon became the two biggest drivers in my life. Starting with a GoPro, I learned how much fun it was to capture these unique moments.

Exclusive Prints

Extremely Limited Quantities

Bring the ocean into your home, office, or gallery with one of my prints.

Collected and curated throughout my 12 years, capturing the splendor of the ocean. These are my favorite shots, and now I'm sharing them with you.

Order yours today on high-quality canvas or metal. Each image is limited to ten prints, visually inspected, and hand inscribed before finding its forever home with you.

My Portfolio

Get a feel for the style of my underwater photography by viewing my portfolioβ€”12 years in the making.

I'm so excited to have all my best shots in this one place to share with everyone. Some have proven timeless, spanning camera upgrades and stylistic growth. Some are shots that have deep meaning to me because of the experience with the animal or the reef itself. And some I've believed in enough to submit for awards.


Underwater Photos

The cumulation of 12 years spanning several cameras. Lightroom doesn't seem to mind.


Underwater Videos

While I enjoy photography more than videography, I plan on doing more video.


Hours Spent Underwater

Not nearly enough! Many, many more planned for the future.